Our Communities

A Commitment to Excellence

In its mission to promote a peaceful and livable world, ACICEC is committed to empowering communities in dealing with the following priorities and areas of concerns. Our goal is to see an equipped group of people who have the essential tools in coping up with our evolving environment.

With this in mind, ACICEC envisions an organic movement that will champion the vision for a better society, starting from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. So what are the community areas in the city to look out for?


Crime has been a major concern for a long time now, along with reports of increasing percentages in recent years. Following factors such as a high poverty rate that goes up to 10% along with the city’s drug crisis contributes to the on-going problem.


Homelessness has been on a rising trend and the number of homeless people based on official records last 2019 hit almost 10,000. This concern stems from the decreasing number of affordable housing and ever-increasing house prices.


Due to factors such as rising cost of living and professionally-oriented adults, it is no wonder why San Francisco is deemed as America’s most childless city. With the on-going trend, reinforcement and support for the city’s kid population that goes a little over 13% percent, is needed.


Since the city’s population has predominantly professionally-oriented adults, social life can be challenging. Though the city has a lot of themed social activities and events, therefore it is a good starting point.


Stemming from the problem of homelessness, there is also a growing number of veterans who are going homeless in the San Francisco area. With a number of them suffering from forms of PTSD or other illness, now is our time to provide care and support for our heroes who served our countries well.


As it consistently ranks as the Best City in America, there is no doubt that San Francisco is also considered as a center for commerce. Industries such as textile products, food processing and shipbuilding thrives in the area, having tourism as one of the major sources of income. As a place of enterprise, the business community here continues to grow.